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TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga {1}
TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga {2}
TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga {1}
TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga {2}

TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga

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TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 25 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance AWG A-1 ga

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TEMCo ID: RW0598 Alloy: Kanthal A-1 (22% Cr, 5.8% Al,  Fe balance) Gauge: 25 AWG Average Wire Diameter: 0.0179 in (0.455 mm) Weight: 1.25 oz Length: 100 ft Shape: Round Resistance (Ohms/ft @ room temp): 2.72 Heat treatment: Annealed (soft) Melting temperature: 1500°C (2730°F) Maximum operating temperature:1400°C (2552°F) Density: 0.256 lbs. per cubic inch Specific heat capacity at 20°C (68°F): 0.46 kJ/kg K (0.11 Btu/lb°F)
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Kanthal A1
Kanthal A-1 is usually used for high temperature furnaces in the heat treating, ceramics, glass, steel, and electronic industries. Other common applications include: heating elements (hair dryers, ovens, toasters, kilns), model and high power rocket motor and recovery ejection charge ignition, heat sealers, poly cutters, foam cutters, resistors, rheostats, current-temperature controls, pyrotechnic ignition, electronic cigarettes, lab inoculating loops, release mechanisms, ceramic support in kilns.
Diameter: The thinner the wire (higher gauge number), the higher the resistance per foot. The thicker the wire (lower gauge number), the lower the resistance. Length: The longer the wire, the higher the overall resistance. The shorter the wire, the lower the overall resistance. Temperature: The more heat the wire generates, the more resistance it will create.
68°F (20°C), Factor 1.00 212°F (100°C), Factor 1.00 392°F (200°C), Factor 1.01 572°F (300°C), Factor 1.01 752°F (400°C), Factor 1.02 932°F (500°C), Factor 1.03 1112°F (600°C), Factor 1.04
1292°F (700°C), Factor 1.04 1472°F (800°C), Factor 1.05 1652°F (900°C), Factor 1.05 1832°F (1000°C), Factor 1.06 2012°F (1100°C), Factor 1.06 2192°F (1200°C), Factor 1.06 2372°F (1300°C), Factor 1.06
Flat ribbon wire
Ribbon" just means that the wire is flat instead of round. The primary difference between flat and round wire is the amount of surface area for a given volume. This is similar to why cooking stoves have flat tops. Why use flat wire?
Produces More Vapor
Get more vapor from each draw. There is more contact area between the heat source and whatever is being heated.
Easier to Wind
The flat shape of the wire makes it much easier to wrap around and cover the wick.NOTE: Sharp twists in ribbon Kanthal can cause tears, rips, warping, and other kinds of mechanical damage. Avoid twisting the wire ribbon  when winding coils.The only areas where twists are unavoidable are at positive and negative screw terminals. This is because you should have your ribbon wire flat
horizontal) against the screw head, as good electrical connections require good mechanical connections. However, this means you may have to twist the wire in order to wrap it around the wick.
Eliminates Hot Spots
A common issue that occurs when winding coils on atomizers is areas of uneven heating, or "hot spots." Hot spots can significantly shorten the coil life. They cause parts of the coil to expand and contract at different rates, which wears out the coil much more quickly.It can be frustrating to find a hot spot after taking the time to carefully wind a coil. Flat ribbon wire makes this less likely to happen.
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Round Wire
Ohms/ft @ Room Temp 16 AWG Ft/Lb. 159 Diameter 0.0508 in (1.29032 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 0.324 18 AWG Ft/Lb. 253 Diameter 0.0403 in (1.02362 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 0.515 20 AWG Ft/Lb. 401 Diameter 0.0320 in (0.81280 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 0.817 22 AWG Ft/Lb. 641 Diameter 0.0253 in (0.64262 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 1.31 24 AWG Ft/Lb. 1018 Diameter 0.0201 in (0.51054 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 2.07 26 AWG Ft/Lb. 1626 Diameter 0.0159 in (0.40386 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 3.31 27 AWG Ft/Lb. 2040 Diameter 0.0142 in (0.36068 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 4.15 28 AWG Ft/Lb. 2609 Diameter 0.0126 in (0.32004 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 5.27 29 AWG Ft/Lb. 3226 Diameter 0.0113 in (0.28702 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 6.55 30 AWG Ft/Lb. 4142 Diameter 0.0100 in (0.25400 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 8.36 31 AWG Ft/Lb. 5181 Diameter 0.0089 in (0.22606 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 10.6 32 AWG Ft/Lb. 6473 Diameter 0.0080 in (0.20320 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 13.1 33 AWG Ft/Lb. 8217 Diameter 0.0071 in (0.18034 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 16.6 34 AWG Ft/Lb. 10437 Diameter 0.0063 in (0.16002 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 21.1 36 AWG Ft/Lb. 16447 Diameter 0.0050 in (0.12700 mm) Ohms/Ft at 68°F 33.4 Flat Wire
Size (Thickness x Width)
Ohms/ft @ Room Temp
Approx. Equivalent Round Wire 0.4 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 5618 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 11.4 APPROX. EQUIVALENT ROUND WIRE 32 AWG 0.5 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 4444 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 9.2 APPROX. EQUIVALENT ROUND WIRE 31 AWG 0.6 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 3690 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 7.68 APPROX. EQUIVALENT ROUND WIRE 30 AWG 0.7 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 3236 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 6.58 APPROX. EQUIVALENT ROUND WIRE 29 AWG 0.8 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 2809 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 5.76 APPROX. EQUIVALENT ROUND WIRE 28 AWG 0.9 x 0.1 mm Ft/Lb. 2481 OHMS/FT AT 68°F 5.12 Approx. Equivalent Round Wire 27 AWG Comparison Among Other Alloys
Kanthal A1
Composition: 22% Cr 5.8% Al Fe balance
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1400°C (2552°F)
Features: Higher max temp in air Higher surface load Higher resistivity Higher yield strength Longer life (up to 2-4x that of Nichrome) Better oxidation properties Lower density Better resistance to sulfur
Nichrome 60
Composition: 60% Ni 16% Cr 24% Fe
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1150°C (2100°F)
Features: Higher hot and creep strength Better ductility after use Higher emissivity Non-magnetic Better wet corrosion resistance
Nichrome 80
Composition: 80% Ni 19.5% Cr 1.45% Si
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1180°C (2150°F)
Features: Higher hot and creep strength Better ductility after use Higher emissivity Non-magnetic Better wet corrosion resistance
Nickel 200
Composition: Min: 99 Ni Max: 0.15 C, 0.25 Cu 0.4 Fe, 0.35 Mn 0.35 Si, 0.01 S
Maximum Operating Temperature:* 649°C (1220°F)
Tensile strength and elongation drop significantly above 315°C (600°F). Service temperature is dependent on environment, load and size range.
Features: Good mechanical properties
Excellent corrosion resistance
High thermal and electrical conductivities
Low gas content vapor pressure
View other Alloys Kanthal A1 Nichrome 60
Nichrome 80
Nickel 200
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